Apr. 2nd, 2017

bunnyfeather: (flamdrink)
After Cornelis van Dalem, 1530-1573 and Jan van Wechelen, Flemish painters

A popular local nineteenth-century legend held that a baker in the Flemish village of Eeklo had a curious speciality. Those dissatisfied with their facial appearance could visit the bakery, where their head would be chopped off. Once the problem with it had been identified, the head would be sprinkled with flour and glazed with egg yolk before being shovelled into the oven. While the patient waited for their head to bake, their bleeding would be staunched by a cabbage, which served as a makeshift pate. At the end of the process their head would emerge from the oven, and be restored to its original place. However, the head would always fail to bake through, leaving its owner with a deformity. The legend served as a cautionary tale to those who complained of their appearance.
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