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"This direct and intimate family portrait was painted by Lavinia Fontana in Rome at the very beginning of the 17th century. It is one of her finest portraits and one of the few works known from this period of her career. It shows Bianca degli Utili, wife of the nobleman Pierino Maselli, with six of her children, and provides an invaluable insight into the fashion of the time."

Date: 2017-05-04 04:25 am (UTC)
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It is quite remarkable that children are painted like little adults, their faces are not childish. That vision trended in European art until 18th century at least, if not later. Maybe this was caused by high mortality among children: artists tended to "mature" kids portraits because only few of them survived.

Date: 2017-05-05 02:17 am (UTC)
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Most likely she painted them one by one, using her visual memory and drafts as reference points. Wikipedia also says that it was her husband who frequently fixed draperies on her paintings while she was preoccupied with other works. 11 kids, just 3 of whom survived and bread winner for the family, - what a great woman she was!
She reminded me about another Italian woman artist of that time, Artemisia Gentileschi. She was a great artist, when I first saw her works I couldn't believe a woman could create such a profound work in Italy in 17th century.


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