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I love Monet. His paintings are breathing, air is moving and you can watch it and never get tired. You can get back to him and he is not boring. It is challenging to paint or take a picture of a paysage without turning into some sort of banality. These golden sparkles in moving water, dying day, light breeze - his paysage even survives reproduction, which usually destroys artistic touch.
You know what I did? I switched this picture into B&W. The result was more expressive and in some sense more interesting than the original. The composition became quite different, with a balance of diagonals. This dark boat on the right and small boat on the left that hold a diagonal create a very new tone, probably more dramatic but very deep. I could not imagine that Monet, who is so good on colored prints, would survive such a transformation. This only proves how great he is.
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I think compositions on B/W and colored ones are quite different. The composition of the colored picture looks more horizontal, crossed by the vertical column of light that basically makes it more balanced, more stable. What creates movement are the ripples with orange sparkles, uneven water in evening breeze.
The composition on B/W is rather dramatic due to the crossing diagonals and the expressive contrast ob black and white; darker boat on the right reverberates with another one on the left, and there are few triangular areas that actually create the effect of expressive movement. It is remarkable that the silhouettes of the ships at the background do not make a mess, they actually add the freshness, as if everything on this picture appeared naturally.
I don't think these effects were the result of artist's preliminary planning; I would rather believe that he had been painting this following his intuitive sense of composition.


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